Friday, November 30, 2012

End of "NO"vember

Garret and I had tried our best to make November a "No"-vember. I have to be honest and say it wasn't a full on "NO" but more so of a "less"vember. Does that count for anything? I made more of an effort with meal planning and when we grocery shopped I bought sandwich stuff so that if we didn't have leftovers from dinner we could bring sandwiches for lunch. We have both been doing Isagenix shakes for breakfast so that has seriously limited the Great Canadian Bagel/Tim Hortons runs. I have definitely treated myself to a coffee on a few mornings (and I am SURE G has too) but at least I stopped the habit that we had formed. We went on a date to the movies, and then each went once separately, but I had some remaining dollars on gift cards from last Christmas (super surprise to find that when cleaning out my wallet!--see Mum being unorganized sometimes can lead to awesomeness/free movies) We ate out a couple of times, but did it on a special cheap wing night, and planned for it as opposed to just being super lazy and ordering pizza. The night that Brooklyn got sick we ordered pizza but that I feel can be given a pass. All in all review---if we can just keep this organized at least with food and making coffee etc then we are good. As for the not spending, we did buy a dog and then spent the GNP of Sweden to ransom her back from the Vet but those were clearly not planned costs.
Our goal is to move into December and try to keep planning ahead! We have made a list of all our Christmas gifts and have got a good headstart on buying them so we can avoid the mall rush and the impulse buying that comes with late season shopping. We have really pared down our list for others, and this year our gift to each other is our healthy dog. The Turdmeister.  NOTHING is going on credit cards this year so this whole planning ahead thing is going to come in handy!
How is everyone else doing with their shopping? Anyone done yet?

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Meagan said...

Awesome - you gotta start somewhere...and it's so hard when things like vet bills pop up - or car repairs - or random things like that... But making stuff yourself is a massive start. Once you get into it, its hard to look back. I hate buying stuff monday to friday (like lunch, snacks or coffee) - I give myself a pass on the weekends when I am out and about as a treat.