Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter!

ImageHoppy Easter, Love the soon to be 3 Walshs!

I hope everyone had a really lovely long weekend. We got to spend some time with friends and family and heaps of food so everything was lovely here.   3 points to G for happily signing up for all photo ops I request!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Blog Idea

Garret and I have been thinking we should start a new blog. We would call it "Things we have pulled out of our dog's mouth".  It is an ongoing battle lately with this one, who will disregard all toys on the floor and attempt to make off with anything else she can find.  She has also learned to jump up on our ottoman so all of that is fair game as well.

Items recently retrieved include:

* Apple TV Remote

*Hair Elastic

*Clumps of my hair...apparently there are tumbleweeds of the stuff throughout our house...I swear we vacuum

* Underwear



*Any shoe possible

*Random hunks of wood (still unsure where these come from?!) Definitely blaming G for he brings the construction material into the house

*Brick particles (from the wall G is working on)

*bits of plastic

*Lowes Receipt

* A knife with peanut butter on it that I carelessly left on a plate on the ottoman

*Labels from the bottom of our kitchen chairs...she seems to take great joy in ripping them off the bottom of the seat and tearing them to shreds on the carpet


*ANY stick she can find outside

*A (thankfully empty) poop bag

*Egg carton


*Paint Roller

*mouthfuls of green fluff she pulls off her tennis balls

I am sure over the time we own her this list will be greatly added to. Her favourite thing to grab happens to be G's favourite shoes.  She always looks so proud of herself as she prances over to us with one hanging out of her mouth.  We have been putting them on the top shelf of the shoe tray but that girl is determined.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Contest #16--The sweetest digs giveaway

Click here to enter to win one of two gorgeous necklaces from Reminded Designs Etsy shop. She has many gorgeous pieces and she is Canadian what what.

Friday, March 22, 2013

6 months down

6 months down and we are:

  • Pregnant weeeeeee!!!

  • Panicking  (just a wee bit see above)

  • Nesting (making room for another person and all their associated items in our small house!)

  • Reading baby name books and realizing how hard it is to name a baby

  • Realizing our tastes in baby names are way different

  • Planning what home related projects are reasonable to attempt in the next 6 months

  • Praying for spring to come soon so we can spend more time outside

  • Having fun finding ways to tell people about the babe

  • Documenting the growth of my (so far still wee) belly

  • Enjoying these last few months of being a family of 2

  • Budgeting ways to survive on decreased income come Oct---any and all suggestions are welcome people who have survived mat leaves!

  • Marveling in the wonder of it all

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weekend Report

**I meant to post this on Monday...I wrote it and saved it and didn't publish. oops ***

The weekend was really quite nice!  Garret helped some friends move, started an exciting construction project (see below) and I finally got around to starting the official name change process (only took 6 months, no big deal!), spent some quality time with the fur baby at a farm, and had a lovely lunch with some great friends!

We have tried to stop overbooking our weekends and letting some plans just fall into place.  We were both so over scheduled before that we were finding by Sunday night we were exhausted and felt like we hadn't relaxed.  Lately it has been a really good mix of getting stuff done around the house, visiting friends, and spending time together.  I know that we will still have some insanely busy weekends on the horizon, but the past few have been a lovely balance.

And now some photos of the weekend....I am thinking I should change the name of this blog to "Brooklyn's fan club" since I seem to just spam each entry with pics of our babe!

[caption id="attachment_1713" align="aligncenter" width="388"]Starting off Saturday morning with some family time in bed Ending our night on Friday with some family time in bed. She loves when we let her come into our bed, she snuggles up and makes extremely unimpressed noises when we kick her out[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1714" align="aligncenter" width="388"]my copilot extraordinaire as we headed out to the farm my copilot extraordinaire as we headed out to the farm[/caption]

While Garret helped do some moving, the girls decided to head out on a puppy play date.

[caption id="attachment_1715" align="aligncenter" width="388"]She was slightly timid at first but after a few minutes she was off like a shot.  She was slightly timid at first but after a few minutes she was off like a shot.[/caption]

Please note the size difference in these dogs.  Brooklyn weighs about 18lbs, and the smallest of the farm dogs weighs 85lbs! It was SO funny to watch the four of them run around the fields.  She was having  a total blast being off leash and tearing around.  Garret and I call her the dog bullet when she runs like that.  I think we will be heading back there for some play time/energy burning off!  On the way home she was very quiet.  Curled right into a ball once we got in the car and didn't make a peep until we got home.

[caption id="attachment_1716" align="aligncenter" width="388"]Our new decorative feature Our new decorative feature[/caption]

Garret has been dying to get to this project and ended up starting it on Sunday. I made a rule that he had to finish our closet first before starting something new, and as soon as that was done he was raring to go.  A client from G's old job had left over boxes of bricks that he wasn't using so we took them.  They have been biding their time in our back shed until we were ready for a new project.  There will be some annoying cutting in to do as he gets closer to the ceiling, but the plan is to have this finished by the end of next weekend.  It's coming along really nicely and bringing some neat texture and warmth into our living room.  I can't wait to share the pictures when it is done.

I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend too!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Brooklyn Springsteen Walsh

6 months old today and full of spunk:

[caption id="attachment_1707" align="aligncenter" width="388"]When I was but a wee babe and first ready to leave my Mum. When I was but a wee babe and first ready to leave my Mum.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1708" align="aligncenter" width="388"]Up close and all grown up! Up close and all grown up![/caption]

Nicknames Include:  Skuttlebutt, Dobby, B, Ole Blue Eye, Bruce (after the mechanical shark from Jaws), Suzy Snorebush, DL Snoogley,  Turd Ferguson...tis no surprise she has selective hearing...she isn't sure what her actual name is

Hobbies Include: Snoring, breaking my collar and running away from my Grandma, annihilating any toy in a 50 mile radius, pooping on the very top of large snow banks, stalking my parents when they are in the kitchen, eating peanut butter out of kongs, chasing the neighbours dogs and napping

Dislikes:Not being allowed on the couch, cars that drive by really fast when we are walking, the vacuum, dogs that don't want to play with me (what is up with that?), when my parent's try to go to bed early/sleep in, and when my Dad wont let me chew on his socks or shoes.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Contest #15-Roll up the Rim

Contest rules: Head to timmies and buy a coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc. Drink it. Roll up the Rim.

I am batting 0-3.  boo.