Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On Love and Long Weekends


Somewhat fortuitously Valentines day fell a day before Family Day this year and so we could celebrate being in love, and our family all in two days. Nothing too much going on on either day. We watched some Olympics (and in true patriotic style I freaked out when Canada won our first gold on home turf) partook in some of my own Olympic sports (hot tubbing...I would easily get a gold) did some homework, and attempted to go skating. It was just nice to be together. We headed back to the city Monday morning with lofty plans of cleaning our apartment. But once we arrived it became clear that it was more a day for snuggling on the couch and watching movies.
Having a long weekend in February was really a marvelous idea and I would love to thank whomever set this into motion.

And in an unrelated turn of events, I heard from my lawyer yesterday and I may be getting the best valentines present ever. A divorce! Apparently le ex has contacted his lawyer who and said he would sign the papers and remove the conditions wherein he is trying to sue me. SO...amazing news. I am trying not to get too wound up about it because this has happened a few times where I think it is coming and he changes his mind. But I am moving forward with my life regardless and hoping that this all winds up.

Friday, February 5, 2010

And it's friday....exhale


It's been a study week this week. We have two each term, one to get our mid term projects prepared and one later to work on our finals. I spent a somewhat glorious day at home yesterday reveling in my ADD. I set my alarm each hour and would spend an hour on the computer doing work, and then spend 30 minutes doing housework. SO....I am in a good place right now in that I am on top of my homework and my apartment is looking fairly snazzy.

Tonight shall just be a chill night at home. G and I ordered a pizza...nothing snazzy, just Pizza Pizza, and going to have a beer and watch a movie perhaps? (Crazy right? Our social calendar is just nuts) Tomorrow we are heading to a cottage for Sat-Sunday, a little winter hiking, some board games and good friends. Tis a great way to celebrate my hunny's 26th!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Daily Grace


*I miss doing these...I want to get back to it. Everyone needs a few things in their day to be thankful for, no?

1) snow flakes, the delicate ones that travel slowly towards the ground..not the crazy snow stormy ones
2) A weekend of Scrapbooking last weekend. Pure uninterrupted scrapping
3) Letting the universe know how badly I needed money, and then have a babysitting job pop up
4) G's 26th birthday celebration this coming weekend
5) The Sookie Stackhouse series which Not So Wise and I are currently devouring at an alarming rate (and the good news that there is one more than we thought already out....and another due out in May...huzzah)