Wednesday, January 16, 2008



I have had lofty aspirations of being single. I have been so excited to move on, to not be living at home and to get to have the solitude I desire. I've been housesitting since Sunday and I have had a lot of alone time. I don't really know why I crave it so much cause when it is silent I feel lonely. I hate that...I really do. I keep being told that I need to learn to be happy with myself before I can be happy with anyone else. Or be happy in my life. And I can throw the word 'happy' around a ton. yeesh. I don't know what I am scared of in the quiet. I think I should relish this time that I can be alone. But I think I get depressed. Just me and the giant dog I am taking care of...and all I can think about is the boy I am crazy for. I doubt that is the point of inner reflection; to be counting down til I see him again and can smooch him. oh man.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Day Off

I have been working a lot over Christmas but now I finally feel back to reality. It is so easy to get into that holiday season time warp where days pass in strange manners and none of your usual routines hold up. We had my brothers girlfriend visiting us from the UK for three weeks and while she is an awesome girl, it was just one more person in our already over crowded household. Yesterday Mum and I drove down to Toronto and took her to the airport. It was so hard to see how crushed my brother was to have to say goodbye again. They were living together in Australia and have since been apart for a year now, they have visited twice, but I think each time is harder to let go.
The drive to Toronto wasn't that bad and on the way home we stopped at a Chapters and freaked out and bought about $100 worth of books. I try so hard to save money but there is something about a giant bookstore that makes me lose my mind. My Mum is the same way so I guess we are a bad shopping combo. Living in a small town makes things like Chapters quite the big deal!
We have had insane weather (warm and tons of rain) lately so all the snow is gone. It feels like March and not so much like January. This morning was garbage/recycling pick up and much to our dismay, the wind blew everything all over our street. We had to run outside about 4 times to try to weight things down or else to pick up what the bin had dumped all over our front lawn. Mum and I sat with our coffees in the front room and narrated the adventures of our neighbours as they did the same thing. The mad pajama dash to grab ones garbage can lid is quite the sight at 8am. I'm just sitting at my kitchen table at the moment watching the hedge in our backyard bend like crazy...and I love that this is my day off and it's 11am and I have accomplished nothing. I think I will be doing some fun errands today like taking empties back to the beer store, picking up dry cleaning and hitting the grocery store. The usual mundane stuff that seems to get pushed aside with all the craziness lately.
I have to get my New Year Resolutions together and posted so we can laugh about them together!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Hey Echo is wondering...

How someone could possibly find watching 'Frasier' motivation at the gym. what a strange strange guy.