Monday, December 3, 2012

Norman Rockwellesque

I have an annoying/endearing perhaps (?) character flaw.  I love the bejeezus out of holidays and family gatherings.  I love festively decorating, planning, organizing and general merriment associated with them.  Christmas has always been a favourite of mine--I grew up in a home that (thanks to my Mum) was FULL of holiday spirit, themed crafts and gorgeous decorations.  Some of the ones handmade by my brothers and myself aren't gorgeous per say....however we would all get an A for effort.

For reasons unknown to myself, G and I have not really decorated in the 5 Christmas seasons we have spent together.  I think our first apartment was a little bit depressing and then thanks to a decadent amount of time off work/school we would spend the holidays at my Mum's place. I think my thought process was why bother since we were going to be at her place anyway.  But this year, we really wanted to make our house feel more festive so we could enjoy the whole holiday season.  So we planned to get down to business and get things decorated this year.  Our original plan of heading to Drysdale's tree farm and Bradford Greehouses was quashed this weekend when we had the dreaded money talk.  Did it really make sense for us to go drop a bunch of cash on a tree that we then have to throw out.  Probably not. As we were getting organized for the ugly Christmas sweater party we were attending on Saturday night we noticed that Value Village was selling used fake trees. $12 a pop! We conferred and then brought one home.

[caption id="attachment_1144" align="aligncenter" width="388"]This was not really the photo I was envisioning of us getting our first tree...but I will take what I can get This was not really the photo I was envisioning of us getting our first tree...but I will take what I can get[/caption]

My Mum brought over all of my old ornaments from when I was a kid so tonight G and I are going to hang some up. And it may not be a perfect tree but it is our tree and that is what matters.

We have our tree, a good start on the planters out front of the house, and my MIL assembled a wreath for us so I'm feeling more festive.  I cant wait to get home tonight and finish decorating the tree...maybe I can also convince G to hang some lights outside in the dark...?


Ashley said...

We had the same money talk. Boooooooo. We still might go and get one at Drysdale's since it's our first Christmas together, but we'll see.

shwalsh said...

Money talks suck the big one!!! If you decide against Drysdales there was quite the selection of $12 trees at the Barrie Value Village :)