Monday, November 12, 2012

Celebrity Crush

I have a confession....I have a mega crush on some bloggers.  John and Sherry from here.  I have read their blog for quite a few years now and even though I have never met them they have become quite familiar to me.  I have read their blog through their various home renovations, their big move, the birth of their daughter and now as they have written a book.  They are doing a book signing tonight in Toronto at West Elm and I am just crazy excited about it.  I don't have the creepy stalker crush thoughts of how I am going to love them and squeeze them and make them into lampshades or anything. More so the kind of giddy school girl celebrity crush, that involves stammering and blushing and perhaps inadvertently blurting out my feelings of love and devotion.  Meagan   and I are going to go together and geek out. So beware, for my daily post tomorrow will likely be filled with rambly thoughts and 500 pics. excited!

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