Monday, November 5, 2012

We like the people in our neighbourhood!

**(That was supposed to be read in a Mr. Rogers type singalong sort of voice)

In September our next door neighbours popped by to try to find a time we could all agree on to get together for a BBQ.  Due to their kids soccer schedules, our vagabond existence, etc this past Sunday was the date that was agreed upon.  So yesterday we headed next door along with several other neighbours on our street, and had a lovely afternoon get together. They had wanted a chance to get to celebrate our nuptuials with us...and we can never say no to the chance to celebrate!  It was a lovely afternoon and they are beyond sweet and there was cake and a Lowes gift card for a present.  We are pretty fortunate to have a group of really awesome people living on our street.  They commented that it takes a certain type of person/couple to want to buy a century home that needs a lot of work..apparently some sort of crazy gene that we all seem to possess. Which I guess explains why we all get along so well!

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