Friday, November 9, 2012

two hundy

One of the perks of Wordpress is that they tell you your posting count and encourage you to break that next milestone...this is my 200th post (how did that happen?)  I have had a lot of fun posting about our life, and I really enjoy looking back over posts from last year and seeing how far our house has come!  I think that it will be really neat to try to keep up with the blog and I can look back and laugh at the early days and our discomfort...for instance...right now...NO closets...We have been trying to keep up with cleaning, but it is a bit of an exercise in futility at the moment. Nowhere to put most of our clothes so now we are using the mega couch as another form of storage.  The plan is to tackle a few things this weekend (as well as our extremely neglected lawn) to hopefully put us in better shape for getting organized.  This hasn't even been that big of a renovation and our entire house is upside down because of it. I cant imagine how crazy it gets doing major renovations....but I get the feeling I am going to find out in the near future.

Not much of an epic 200th post is it.....regardless still a milestone woohoo

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Barbara Welch said...

Umm...not that big of a reno?? Surely you jest! The whole of your upstairs is now downstairs until the reno is finished.