Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No news is good news?

Meeting yesterday was very informative and the lady we met with was really nice. We don't know if we qualify for a mortgage yet, she said it will take her a few days to get through our application. She did sound positive and said that if we aren't eligible now, she will do what she can to help us get on track. I always tend to get anxious when talking to people about money, or more so about my lack of money. I have student debt like most of my friends, but I also got really screwed for money in my previous relationship (which was completely my own blind dumb fault) Then I went back to school for MORE debt. Woo. And up until lately I sucked at saving and being organized enough to have dinners and lunches prepared ahead of time. I really do feel motivated now to stay on track-but I need more help from G. Yesterday he didn't eat his packed lunch and went for sushi instead. Yes it was only $6 lunch special, but that stuff is what starts adding up! Is it common for men to not really get it? Like why should I be worrying about food and making us breakfast and lunch if you're just going to go eat whatever. If we want to do joint finances then we really do need to be thinking about our money when we do this! Yeesh. Then I got all ticked off and had a shower and I guess it showed as he made us tuna wraps for lunch-yay.

I emailed the people I used to babysit for in the hopes that they can start using me again. That sort of work ebbs and flows though, but the pay is good and their kid is fun to hang out with so it makes for a good nights work! G and I are trying to keep up with some side jobs for extra money as well. I think that 2011 we need to just focus on cutting out random outgoing cash and work on channelling some coming in!

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