Sunday, January 9, 2011

Can't sleep

We went to bed early and G is snoring away and I gave up-figured I would blog cause now its 11 and I don't know who is up to keep me company via text or bbm!
Had a good weekend, as usal not as productive as I would have liked, but we went to a wedding, saw a few different friends and finally got around to moving our room around.... Only been talking about it since August. This week should be busy. My boss is back from holiday so that will help with getting things going at work....and on Tuesday G and I are meeting with a lender about a mortgage. So Tuesday will either be an exciting day or one of those dumpy days when you realize that perhaps your dreams are another year or two away. (actually am trying to feel positive about the whole thing. Somehow someway I know life is going to work out for us, but typically it seems not to work how how I 'plan' it) Still feels weird that I'm not in school....I feel like I am getting behind as I haven't been doing homework, and then I realize there is no homework to do. I want to focus on cleaning and organizing the next few nights, there is a TON of stuff I can throw out or give away now that I'm not making models or needing mega rolls of trace paper anymore!

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NotSoWise said...

That mega roll of trace paper can come in handy as packing material if Tuesday goes as planned and you get good news from the bank :)