Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More about resolutions I guess...

I tend to relish the start of January-a new year of fresh promise laid out before me like untouched snow on a field. And I tend to rock out hard with my resolutions, determined to make myself a more motivated, fit organized person. But then comes end of January and I'm tired and lazy and suddenly all those good intentions fly out the window. So I was debating not blogging about it, but hell I like a pat on the back so why not?
Useless spending : G and I have managed to brown bag every day but one over the past 2 weeks. I've been getting up early and making us coffee and a bagel to stop the early morning Timmies run(we added up a month of what we were spending there, cried and then decided NO MORE!!) we've been working together to plan meals and stop ordering pizza and what have you. I've been slowly working though whatever food was randomly crammed in our freezer so we can start over knowing what's in there and what we should make each night. (this will seem huge if we can keep doing it)
Fitness: this I say every freaking year! I want to be fit and feel better about my nolongerateenagebody. I have literally gained 25lbs in the past 3 years. Luckily most of it has gone to my chest (hahaha) but a lot has gone to my mid section and I don't want to start off yet another decade in my life wishing I was thin(er) or "FIT" as my mum keeps emphatically staying whenever I say thin. I am no longer in school so I have more free time and I want to use said time to go to the gym, go for walks, crosscountry ski, snowshoe...anything that gets me moving. I have been drinking a ton of water every day and trying to eat less. I am starting to not feel hungry all the time which is a start! And I've been trying to keep making smart food choices to keep me feeling good about myself. I also feel that this will help with another issue I have-the mystery food allergy. It seems to be a fat or something as I feel sick when I eat highly processed foods....so yet another motivator to keep this up.
Getting my life in order: This one definitely involves me being less lazy....so perhaps all the energy I am going to get from working out might help!! I want to open bills as they come in, not to avoid checking credit card balances and the like. To stay on top of things, to keep my apartment tidy and to maintain a calendar so G and I know what's going on week to week. I am hoping this is something we can do together, but I feel like he needs a push in the right direction-or sometimes more like a shove.

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TinyByNature said...

Go to a Naturopath! I had food sensitivity testing done a week ago and so far have removed everything asked of me and I feel tremendous. in 4 weeks we will start trying the things I removed one at a time and see how it goes, if I feel ok, they can come back, if not, out for life. Once i started taking my lunch to school and work everyday in 2009 i was shocked to see how much $$ was still in the bank at the end of the month. its adds up so fast, even just a tea here and there and BOOM! now its tea from the grocery store and stashed in my desk, lunch from home and dinners out only on special occasions ... its though but so worth it in the long run. I am in the EXACT same boat (school and relationship debt) and am slowly, but surely crawling my way out. 2012 hopefully sees P and I debt free (well me, he has no debt ;p)