Monday, January 24, 2011

8 things....

Taking inspiration from cococricketsmama I thought I would post an 8 things and tag Beevs30 to do one as well!
1. I put mangos in my guacamole
2. I just recently started wearing contacts and its changed my LIFE
3. This past year I just found out I'm allergic to crab (very distressing as I adore seafood of all kinds)
4. My socks still rarely match and that's due to my lack of care when doing laundry/lack of attention when putting away laundry
5. I am somewhat addicted to my blackberry. I have no real reason to be so 2011 is the year I'm trying to not check it some obsessively
6. I read a lot of mommy blogs.... And hope to one day have one of my own
7. Not having a book on the go makes me crazy (like right now, I missed the express bus and taking a 30 min bus ride with no book= I may be blogging for next 25mins)
8. I talk to my mum at least once a day

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