Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holiday recap and the new year!

Time off was amazing. Spent tons of time with G and family-felt refreshed and renewed. Somehow school now seems like it was years ago! Everything was pretty low key, but honestly that's the way I like it. We had 4 Christmas, 2 near home, 1 in Barrie and 1 in North Bay. Things really do get crazy when it comes to blended families. This was the first year that things with G and I started to feel like traditions. Our first Christmas together we had only been casually dating for a month so nothing love fest there, but the past 3 years now have started to bring some tradition and familiarity with them. After all the christmases we managed to be pretty low key catching up with a few friends and I got to spend some time with my mum.

New years eve was delightfully low key as well and the few days since have been making me feel inspired and positive that perhaps this will be the year I'm hoping to make it. 2011 is still a bright shiny penny, please don't get tarnished by my cynicism and frustrations too soon!!!!

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