Wednesday, May 20, 2009



Although I don't currently have any children, I have taken great pleasure in reading many of the parenting blogs that are out there.  It's nice to hear about people in a different stage of life and to catch a glimpse of what my life may be like in years to come.  I have laughed and cried with many of these people over the last few years, watched them welcome more kids and weather the storms that come with parenting.  Lately however it has been so hard for me to read a few of the blogs I love.  Gorilla buns and TheSpohrs are bloggers who have both recently lost children.  This I cannot even comprehend.  I continue to read, offer up small prayers, and cry.  I literally cannot even fathom the depth of their grief.  I find it amazing how a community of virtual friends can rally so hard behind people they only know through their blogs. I hope it is somewhat cathartic for them to be able to write their way to healing.  And it makes me realize that all the crap I complain about in my day to day life is total bullshit in comparison.

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