Friday, May 8, 2009

Is it my big mouth? or Girlfriendly Duties


So on Monday, I offered G that I could go pick up something for us to get his Mom for mothers day. He sort of grunted that he and his brother were going to be getting her some jewelry of some sort. Ok other thought from me about it...and then...this morning at 6:30 when he was about to work, he gently woke me up to say "Hey babe when you pick up something for my Mom today wana text me a picture before you buy it? Also, can you grab a card? Love you bye" and in my semi awake state I sort of just grunted. However now I am somewhat flustered and annoyed as I have a SHIT PILE of stuff to do today before we head up north. As in a crazy amount of homework, and tidying the apartment and while I know he has a busy day at work I am starting to think that a division of labour chat needs to be made ASAP. bah.

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