Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Project Progress


For a little over a year now Melissa and I have been working on a little thing called Project Progress We used to meet as much as possible but now that she moved away (cough cough) now we email each other every Monday morning to discuss our goals both short term and long term. Lately we have been really just looking towards things that we need to accomplish in the week even mundane things like "Get a handle on my pile of laundry". It's funny but being accountable even just to one person really helps me keep on track. We email throughout the week with our little success stories of how we are working towards goals and for advice on how to keep moving forward. I think I am going to start posting my goals here each week as well so that I can feel as if I am accountable to even more people.

This isn't exactly the way that Melissa's actual program runs, but we have been doing a bit of a mini version to fit our schedules at the moment. I do need to sit down and examine more long term goals and make a plan of attack for getting there!

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