Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Daily Grace


1. The sun is shining when I have to get up nowadays....makes it much easier for me to drag my bum out of bed

2. My Mum got another 3 months reprieve from her oncologist. Amen. Which also leads me to: 

3. Getting to spend a nice day in the city with my Mum yesterday. We were going to attempt to go to the AGO yet it was closed on Mondays. D'oh. So instead we got a coffee and browsed around Chapters on Queen street while we waited for her appointment.  Really nice day together

4. For the amazing new pillow that me ma bought me yesterday from home outfitters (we also went there;) ) I am always on a quest for a good pillow and by george I think I actually have one!!! This may sound lame but I have a really hard time finding pillows that work for me so this is actually HUGE

5. Fighting the lazy last night and cleaning the kitchen while I made dinner. And also making us both lunches for today. It really is so easy to just say "I'll do it tomorrow" but whenever I do that it always seems to come back on me later as then I have to buy lunch and spend even more time cleaning!

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