Thursday, May 7, 2009

The ex files


The ex called last night in a terrible state needing to apologize for the approximately 5000 ways in which he mistreated me during our relationship.  I decided that I would answer his call just this one time for old times sake. 

He spent the call apologizing while crying and hinting to me about how he was going to kill himself.  Perhaps this sounds callow, but after roughly the 50th time someone tells you they are going to harm themselves and then they actually do not mean it, it really doesn't remain a concern of mine.  It is something he does for attention not as a cry for help so after 4 years I tend to not get all that concerned when he says those things.  I decided to listen to him apologize cause for once it was a nicer thing to hear than him telling me what an awful person I am for leaving.  Allegedly he is getting all the stuff of mine that he took from me, and assembling it in to some boxes and dropping it off for my cousins who still live near him.  I highly doubt any of that will come into play, however I figured I would listen to the apology and thank him.  I know he wants my forgiveness and to be honest I forgive him in the sense that I just won't let it bother me any more.  However, I don't want to grant him the absolution he is looking for as I know that is the only reason he is saying sorry-->to make himself feel better. And I think that is wrong.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you're much better off without him. How draining!!! Well, I think you're fabulous! Sorry you had to go through that, I didn't know. You deserve happiness!!