Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not a high point for me

Today I got called into the financial services office at school to discuss my next OSAP application. All was going well until I mentioned that G and I had bought a truck. It is essentially his truck however my name is on it since I have a good insurance record and so our rates would be lower. Apparently OSAP looks down on students owning vehicles and so it would seem I will go from getting the max (as I did for this year) to getting around $4,000 which won’t even come close to covering my tuition. So the guy’s big tip for me was to a) sell my truck or b) figure out some other way in which to get tons of money.

While stripping was the first thing that came to mind, it isn’t exactly a viable life choice for me in all honesty. And G needs the truck for work so it’s not like selling it is another option.

He was talking figures and not seeming to comprehend that I am living pretty basically at the moment he sussed it out that with interest relief on my loan, the penalty of me having this vehicle will add up to me missing out on 15,000 essentially. This is where I thought I was going to blackout, but instead I started to cry in the financial aid office. I felt like the biggest loser. It was one of those cries where you feel it coming, do what you can to hold it back but those hot tears come bursting out no matter how hard you will it stop. 

It always seems to happen just as I think I have a handle on things that something else pops up and bites me in the ass. I just don’t know what the best plan of attack here is. OBVIOUSLY I would love an extra $15,000 that I don’t have to pay back in 2 years, however I currently don’t know if I have the money to pay all the extra in insurance each month it will cost if I am not listed as an owner.

Bring a grownup sucks sometimes, yet do I even count as a grownup if I literally cry in grownup situations?

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