Monday, April 13, 2009

Daily Grace


I have been writing down all my daily graces at but I am having a hard time/am too lazy to seem to remember to put them here as well. I think I may just start keeping track of everyday miracles and blessings here instead. Happy Easter Monday everyone. I have a few pics I will post tonight,

1) My brothers girlfriend. She is awesome, beautiful and really really cares about my brother. This is the first girl he has ever brought to a family dinner and she fit in really well. Was so much fun to have other girls around!

2) Getting all my homework done this weekend yet still being able to enjoy myself

3) Even though I had a coffee to perk myself up for the ride home last night I was still able to fall asleep at a semi regular hour...this is a miracle in itself. Usually coffee after 5 for me means no sleep til Brooklyn!

4) The ease at which I can get out of bed when it is light in the mornings. I can find everything in my room without having to turn lights on and wake G up

5) Having a sushi and 'Rachel Getting Married' date with Emma later this week. I am going to make it work so that I have all my homework done and can just relax and enjoy!

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