Thursday, April 23, 2009

Daily Grace


1. Finally getting my butt in gear, and calling TD to get the credit card with WAY lower interest...paying off old credit card with new credit card and getting a great balance transfer rate...CUTTING OLD CREDIT CARD UP AND THROWING OUT.

2. While not spending the time I planned this week on getting housework done, I have somehow managed to keep on top of my homework and start making plans for upcoming projects and assignments which will keep me sane in the coming weeks.

3. Once again--The Sun.  I feel like I have been thankful for that a lot lately, but heck, it makes me feel thankful so big ups to that yellow thing in the sky.

4. Getting to go see my oldest and dearest friend at her first wedding dress fitting last night.  I was fake tearing up to cover the real tearing up. She picked the absolutely perfect dress that might as well have been made for her. I am so honoured to be in her wedding.

5. For the first time, I have really appreciated and enjoyed the quiet and solitude that comes along with G being gone for a few  days. True I miss him and I may or may not have been sleeping on his side of the bed, but I have been enjoying some "me" time.


TinyByNature said...

WOOO HOOO - I did #1 in February and it was the best call I have made in YEARS! Thank You Capital One :)

TinyByNature said...

Is that E.Mac that is getting married? If so, please send her my CONGRATS!!!!