Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daily Grace


1. Feeling somewhat on top of my school work...which is decreasing my anxiety level...which is an AMAZING thing!

2. For having a really nice visit with G's brother who has been staying with us since Sunday

3.  We started trying the GI diet on Sunday.  It's been hard cause sometimes I am lazy however I feel like for once I can actually do this.  I have lost about 10lbs since January and I am really trying to keep the healthiness going

4. Making fun plans for G and I for Saturday in Toronto.  I think we are going to go to St Lawrence Market...any suggestions?  We have a bad habit of going north every weekend and not enjoying our surroundings here in the city

5. Knowing my friend Emma has had two great dates with the amazing DB (dreamboat) the past two nights


Melissa said...

1. Potentially jealous of your friend Emma (hee hee!)
2. If the weather is good, go down to Queen's Quay, and lunch at one of the patio restaurants :) If it's super good weather, Jen and I always had a fun time going to High Park and picnicing and people/squirrel watching.

TinyByNature said...

I have been doing the GI diet for about 5 years and yes, it was hard at the start. But soon you'll become a master of the kitchen and all the processed stuff startes to take gross> Good luck and if you want any recipies just let me know, I have loads!

I also do the masive cooking thing on the weekends, making large batches of lasagna and chili and soup and then freezing them in portions so I always have something to fill my belly, even if I am too dang tired to cook :)

TinyByNature said...

go to the beach or wander along queen east or west & people watch and window shop, then stop for a drink or coffee on a patio ... frigg I miss home!