Thursday, April 30, 2009



 Over the past week it would seem that D is finally letting go.  After several frantic emails and calls (both of which I ignored) He finally sent a really long email saying that he no longer blames me for everything that is wrong in his life.  He apologized for treating me so poorly and for being so cruel.  He then claimed that he doesn't want to hold out on signing the divorce papers any longer.  That he isn't going to try to come after me for anything financial (which is great cause I have no money, however I would have had to pay a lawyer a bunch of money to defend against that) As he has done this a few times before I emailed to let him know that the ball was in his court. Last time he said this I spent $200 for my lawyer to send him papers that he just ignored.

Dare I hope? Do I actually believe him this time and start formulating plans and picturing my life completely free of him? It's weird cause he is asking for forgiveness yet I just don't think I am there yet. He has done too many awful things to me for me to just let it go, however I know that holding on to the hurt and anger really just effects me.

Also--tacky or no: sharing some champagne with a few close friends to celebrate that chapter of my life being over?


TinyByNature said...

I feel you - I had the had all the nasty emails and text messages, myspace and facebook posts, the mean voice mails and all sorts of other things pointing the finger at me as the root of all evil.

To get my papers done I had to cut off all communications and leave the province, then after 365 days the lovely Govt of Ontario granted me an uncontested judgement - thank you Family Law Act.

Not at all tacky to celebrate IMHO - I had a full on divorce party when I got my judgement last year ... its time for fresh start and a glass of champy is a fine way to start.

Melissa said...

Champagne - yes! Do it!!! I've got my fingers crossed for you that he's for real this time :)

NotSoWise said...

I am all up for Champagne when he finally signs!