Wednesday, February 4, 2009

to homework or not?

I have to do a presentation in my Materials class next week. It's on glass. Sort of a dry topic...well I am sure in actuality there are lots of fun and facinating facts about glass I could uncover and impart upon my classmates, but I just don't waaaaannnaaaaa. (I could be the queen whiner today)
Toronto is freezing. I havent been outside yet today but I can feel the icy air sneaking in through the door to my patio and it's reminding me to go put socks on. I have the week off school, it's a project week, time to get as much of the insane amount of midterm work done as possible. Problem being there is no motivation. I am enjoying sitting with my laptop, I just want to play on photoshop, or continue to read blogs. Other peoples lives are facinating. It's much more interesting than learning how one would make sand blasted glass. Later this morning one of my friends is coming to pick me up so we can go out and get samples of said glass. I am wondering if it would be unprofessional of me to show up at designer warehouses in track pants...

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