Friday, February 6, 2009

Daily Grace (8)

1) Having G tell me how much he love love loves me cause he is sick and grumpy and I am taking care of him.

2) For being online at the same time as my cousin who is currently living in Australia. We haven't got to chat in ages and I am loving catching up on all his Aussie escapades.

3) For having the time to sit at the new desktop and upload all the photos from the camera...a little behind in New Years eve is still stuck in my Nikon.

4) Spending time at the Interior Design Show today and realizing that going back to school for this was really really a great idea. I am feeling elated that there really is something out there for me that I can enjoy.

5) Finding out that G spent 30mins online today trying to get me Springsteen tickets. And telling me after he couldnt get them that no matter what we will go see if...if we have to spend too much money we dont have with a scalper, we are still going to see him. Sigh. Could i really do it? The two hottest men I know in one stadium in one night? that might be a lot for this girl to handle.

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