Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday I'm in love...

Lately I feel like Friday's just aren't what they used to be. With all the school work I have my weeks just seem to blend into even longer weeks. Last night G and I went to our friend Meagan's house for dinner. It was the most delicious Mexican themed feast I have had pretty much ever. It was just so nice to sit for a while and pretend that I had nothing to do but be a friend, catch up on the life and times and eat! When we got home all motivation to get work done left me and now I am trying to get back on track today. I have a really hard time balancing between a social life and doing alright at school. When I am spending hours and hours each day doing school with knowing G is just hanging out, I get a bit resentful. And that bothers me. I made this choice to go back to school and I have no right to get frustrated that he has more time to relax than I do. However when I am just relaxing I start feeling guilty about the amount of work I should be doing. I need pointers on balancing my home and my school life.

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