Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Daily Grace (11)

1. For late Valentines presents that come on days like yesterday when I am grumpy, stressed out and randomly needing a card full of declarations of love. And for G for randomly paying attention to a necklace on etsy that I loved and only mentioned in passing.
2. For catch up emails from friends I miss. Random knowledge of those things we have been missing out on. Not as good as hanging out, but just for a brief moment being able to feel close again.
3. Kicking it...for being such an awesome friend, for being so brave and taking such huge leaps of faith this year. for being a friend that challenges me and is always there to talk me down from a ledge.
4. Winterlicious in Toronto....getting a great meal tonight at Kit Kat2 for $25.
5.The simple enjoyment I am getting out of knowing that I can have an extra hour of sleep in tomorrow! Starting class does mean ending class later, but good lord thank you for those extra 60minutes that will in fact make a world of difference come 7am

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