Thursday, February 26, 2009

Daily Grace 13

1. For having the apartment to myself. G is on reading week and I have been able to watch all the shows I want to watch and to do my homework without feeling bummed that we aren't hanging out.
2. Knowing that after tonight I dont have the apartment to myself. I miss my beloved roomie oh so much. I think that these few days apart have been really good cause being able to miss someone reminds you not to take them for granted.
3. The end is in sight...well just to this term anyway. I am on week 9 and I know that week 13 is my term break, my actual full, no thinking about homeworking but trying to find ways to make money (anyone need a kidney?) week. I am sleeping in and refusing to stress!
4. The satisfaction of having a good cry yesterday. I know this may seem like a silly thing to feel grateful for, but I have been having stress building and building and low and behold, a good fall apart for about 20 minutes really got me back on track
5.Knowing that I am going to buy new socks and tea towels today. Foolish thing to look forward to? Perhaps. But looking at the holey socks and ragged tea towels I have been dealing with lately it gives me a smile knowing newness is on the horizon.

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