Saturday, February 28, 2009

Daily Grace 14


1. For landing a promotional job for a company that I am actually proud to stand behind. BlackFly coolers. Environmentally conscious, local based company (well ok, London but that's close) with natural ingredients and actually tastes awesome. Sweet.

2. G taking me out somewhere delicious for dinner last night where we canoodled in a booth and just chatted...having time apart is awesome cause being together again is that much sweeter.

3. For friends who add hours of new to us music on our ipods, giving us tons of entertainment on our car rides.."do you like this" "how about this" and rewinding to see if we can catch lyrics.

4. I am officially down 10lbs...which according to my journal puts me back to the weight I was at this time last really am just a year behind in my weight loss scheme. I guess being in love made me hibernate with my sweetie all summer and fall...and start packing it on. I am feeling good and just need to resist the temptation to eat pizza pizza at 3am on weekends!!

5. For letting go. After the antics he pulled on Valentines day I have officially decided to no longer let my ex try to rule my life. If he wants to try to hurt me or get spousal support from me...fine, go for it. I just can't live my life worrying about the loser anymore. I believe in the power of positive thinking and I know that there is no way someone as miserable as him can really win in life. I refuse to let him when it comes to me!

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Huckdoll said...

Love that you're doing GiST on your've got some beautiful graces. Thanks for checking mine out and coming by my blog, forgive me for being so late in coming over.

Due to some craziness in life, I've taken a step back from the GiST blog, but this makes me want to start back up :)