Friday, April 5, 2013

On the mend

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Our sweet babe made it through her spaying fine and dandy. She is a bit off but on the whole back to her normal self.  Being the paranoid worrisome people that we are, we didn't really want to leave her home alone. So we did what any normal dog owner would do...we packed her up and sent her to work with her Dad.  G and I are both pretty lucky that we work with a lot of dog lovers and both our jobs would be  understanding (understanding of us being insane pet owners I guess...)  So he has her sitting under his desk today and I am jealous as anything.  While she is clearly fine and good to be on her own, we are just liking snuggling her extra close and spending some time with her while she heals.  Tonight we have big plans for a couch cuddlefest  and finally watching The Hobbit.  It is our plan to make the dog a big of a nerd as up? A Harry Potter Marathon.  She looks a bit like Dobby so I think she will enjoy.  Hey...remember when my blog was about our house? And now it's just about our dog? Be forewarned soon it will just be about our baby.

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Undead Ahead said...

She's so cute and I love her eyes. I hope she's doing well. I really need to get my man Ollie neutered. He's a French Bulldog x Pug. I'm just worried how he'll take it. He's such a baby lol