Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Fetus By Any Other Name Would Be As Fetusy

    Garret and I decided that we will not be finding out the sex of Baby W. Well to be honest I have waffled a little since our original discussion on the matter but G will not budge. My mostly fake argument of "my body my choice" was met with an "our baby our choice" reply. And thus we are waiting!

One of the downsides of this is that we now get to have "discussions" on both boy and girl names. Apparently I lean towards the hippy choices, and Garret leans towards more boring ones. Somehow he has known (and hated) someone with most of the names I suggest. He also comes up with the most ridiculous nicknames and worries our kids will get teased...I try to explain that kids would not be as creative but he doesnt agree.

Since we won't have a personal pronoun with which to address said fetus, we have been auditioning nicknames over the past few weeks. (I HATE saying "it" when referring to our soon-to-be-newest family member) G vetoed any variation of fruit or veggie nick names and so we have settled on Gus. Short for Gus Gus
As in this Guy:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="614"]Image I think I can fit one more in here[/caption]

Gus is making me chubby, a bit brain dead and a huge fan of all things food. Plus G and I have a soft place in our hearts for mice. See here. and Here.


Ashley said...

I always thought I'd like to find out what I was having before, but Mike has always been dead set against it. Now that I've had some friends and family have kiddos and it was a surprise, I'm all for keeping it a secret!

Gus Gus is the cutest nickname, aaaaaaaaaaand I kind of hope it sticks whether you have a boy or a girl, haha.

Catherine (@PlungedinDebt) said...

haha we found out, for me the birth experience itself was surprise enough! I loved knowing what we were having, naming her before she was born. My brother didn't find out either and it was exciting for everyone waiting to find out. I love Cinderella :)

meagan said...

I am with G Jules!I wouldn't want to know the sex of the bub!!! And GUS is a great nickname...
xo Can't wait to meet wee Walshy!