Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Daddy's gal

[caption id="attachment_1819" align="aligncenter" width="388"]Oh hey...whatcha makin' up there? Oh hey...whatcha makin' up there?[/caption]

She is so funny, our furry girl.  Definitely a Daddy's girl, we notice wherever G goes, she is close behind.  Our morning routine has been swapped up a little bit as of late and missy isn't liking that she and I are down stairs having breakfast while G is getting ready upstairs.  Yesterday she just decided brave our steep slippery stairs and G had the surprise of his life hopping out of the shower, to find someone waiting for him.  (We still can't get her to go down the stairs, and so we carry her like the princess she is)  She will still snuggle indiscriminately...whomever is in snuggle range will receive a lump of fur on their lap. But if "Dad" is doing something of interest no cajoling on my part can get her to come see me (well maybe if I tried cheese dipped in peanut butter, I bet that would get her attention)  I just found it adorable  yesterday, G was making dinner and when I peeked my head around the corner I saw her lurking.  Desperately hoping that Dad is as clumsy as Mum and will end up dropping a delicious treat.  I just picture our life together in a few years, the dog on one side and Baby W on the other, both vying for G's attention as my lap remains empty....hummmm I think the treat bribing shall commence immediately!

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