Monday, April 22, 2013

7 months down

7 months down and we are:

  • Preparing to launch a full scale attack on the outside of our house

  • Remembering why it is a good idea to rake up ALL the leaves in the fall (our lawn has a few squishy piles left from the fall)

  • Enjoying our time just the two of us, after having one of our friends living with us for 2 months

  • Choosing paint colours for the downstairs bathroom (one small project we decided to undertake)

  • Researching strollers, play pens, breast pumps and the like.  Garret is over the moon with excitement. Obviously.

  • Craving: popsicles, oranges, cheese, avocados and burgers

  • Gathering supplies for the mother of all spring cleaning sessions

  • Realizing that naming a human being is 500 times harder than naming our dog

  • Hopeful that spring really is just around the corner

  • Making a billion lists of things to do, to buy, to make before the fall


Ashley said...


We didn't rake up our leaves this past fall either, and sometimes its hard to tell whether I'm stepping on rotting leaves or dog crap.

Jules said...

We are in the same boat re leaves vs poop!!! And Brooklyn's new fave place to go to the bathroom is in those piles of leaves so we must rake up immediately. Sometimes pet ownership is just gross!