Friday, April 19, 2013

Holdin on to one another's hand

...because we were definitely running just as fast as we can (could).  We have been taking advantage of how light it is in the evenings lately to get out and run around with Brooklyn.  She absolutely loves getting to whip around and chase after us.  We hit up a school playground on our way home from visiting friends the other night. Even though we kept her on her leash we flew around that field and she loved life.  I am so glad we have decided to finish fencing in our backyard this spring.  It will be nice to have more room for her to fly around off leash, chasing balls, squirrels and anything else that tickles her fancy.  I kept trying to take photos but the low light/iPhone combo didn't work out so well, resulting in a blurry pic.  I wish it illustrated the sheer joy in that pups face as she lead Garret, tearing towards me and leaping into my waiting lap.

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Ashley said...

Watching dogs run around happily is one of my favourite things ever.