Friday, January 4, 2013

The January Cure Day 2: Set up your Outbox

This one was easy for me.  We always have what we call "The outreach pile" which is a pile of stuff that we are planning on taking out of the house and donating to Salvation Army/Goodwill etc.  The pile has been sitting on our dining room table for a good two weeks (pretty please give me a SLIGHT break since we were not home for most of the holidays) Garret got some new clothes before Christmas and the deal was that he had to go through his current clothes and get rid of some T-shirts (the man is a wee bit of a clothes hoarder)  Last night we had friends in for dinner and they went through the pile and took a few pairs of shorts so yay stuff left the house.  I found a box in the basement and we will be using that and storing it in our backroom (where we store everything at the moment...but that brings me back to Day 1 so it gets organized sometime this month)  So far we have the clothes we went through, and some books.  I'm pretty sure that those things will not come out of the outbox. woot woot on an organizational tear people!

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