Thursday, January 3, 2013

January Cure Day 1: Make a list of projects

*I should make a side note that since we are still experiencing some construction related insanity upstairs I think that focusing on the main floor for now would make the biggest impact. Although once the closets are finished boy howdy am I going to nerd out with some serious organization. #nerdalert

Entryway: fix light--new fixture? Fix hole in ceiling,
Dining Room: touch up paint behind the hung mirror, remove the full length mirror, paint the trim on doorway heading into living room, organize and purge items in the buffet.
Living Room: Go through DVDs donate the unwanted ones, finish painting the spaces that were patched, clear off all random paper from the tray on the ottoman
Kitchen: fix hole in ceiling, organize drawers and cupboards, finally choose a backsplash, hang a small shelf over the stove, throw out expired condiments in the fridge, make a list of the food we have in the freezer
Backroom: Make a pile for the outreach and garbage, put hooks up to hang skis, snowshoes etc, make a list of the food we have in the deep freeze
Basement: Hang a corkboard over my craft table, get G to go through his tools, organize my scrapbooking stuff, organize the file cabinet so it can actually be used

"Santa" (cough, Mum, cough) put a really cool note pad in our stocking this year. It has a shopping list on one side and a daily breakdown on the other. It is meant to be used as a weekly meal planning tool, but I think I am going to also use it as an organizational guide. G and I tend to get rather squirrelly when our place is a mess and I want to strive for more zen in 2013.

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