Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy

I have never been one of those "spring out of bed ready to face the day" type of people.  I enjoy the snooze button and tend to dozily come up with reasons to not get up yet.  In fact most mornings I would lay there and sleep in until the last possible second--giving me just enough time to brush my teeth, get dressed, slap on some makeup and be out the door.  More accurately I would think I was giving myself enough time, but I would frequently be cursing as I was running out the door late to meet my carpool. (Apparently 7 minutes isn't enough time to get ready to leave the house in the morning...who knew?)  This, coupled with my darling husbands inability to know where ANYTHING of his migrated to from the night before, (car keys, wallet, sunglasses, etc) frequently lead to stressy mornings with terse exchanges between us. --not the ideal was to start out our mornings!  When we got Brooklyn I knew that we would have to start getting up earlier.  I was pretty good about it in the fall, but after all the time we spent together over the holidays I realized that in order to be fair to B I would have to get up even earlier.  For the past two weeks I have been getting up at 5:45am (old Julia scoffs from under the warmth of her cozy duvet) I can honestly say I am still not springing out of bed joyfully, but I am loving opening up B's crate and seeing her smooshy face all excited to see me, and us having time to play together before the reality of the working day sets in.  We go out for a pee, and I have a tea while I feed her and get myself organized for the day--it is nice not to rush.  Having an hour to play together and snuggle before I have to leave is making me feel less guilty about leaving her in her crate all day.  I really love watching her learn new things.  She recently realized that when the heat kick on she can get a nice warm tummy standing over one of the vents.  She will cease all snuggles and games of fetch as soon as she hears the furnace go!


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Ashley said...

BAH WHAT A CUTIE HEAD. My dog has not mastered the heat vent thing, and I don't think she ever will.