Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year (a few days in)

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Last year I complained about missing out on our New Years kiss. (all the guys were distracted by the hockey game and we missed midnight. Extremely anti climactic) So this year Garret made sure we had a bit of an epic midnight kiss and even took a photo. Come to think of it maybe that is a bit weird? Anyway, New Years was fun--we went to a house party ate really yummy snacks and supper played board games and caught up. The older I get I find I tend to enjoy more low key celebrations...requires less recuperation the next day!

On our way home we discussed our plans for 2013.  I know its so cheesy but I always feel so hopefully optimistic this time of year. Not that one needs a new year to make changes, but it really does seem encouraging to start a fresh outlook each January.  I think that most of our resolutions seem to be similar to the ones we have made in previous years.  I am somehow feeling like we are both in a better place this year and maybe they will work out better?  Someone remind me to do a check in post in March and see where we are at with all of it.

Our Family Resolutions

* Say no more.  This one seems selfish, but we realize that we both love to socialize and hang out with our friends and family, but we need to make more time for us and our home.  We have roughly 500 X infinity things we need/want to do around the house and we need to give ourselves more time to do it.--maybe just make plans for one day on the weekend instead of the whole weekend.

* Find more activities we like to do together. Snow shoeing is one but that will be over in a few months and we want to keep active together! (and I have no interest in his MMA workouts. People kicking at me would inspire tears (mine) and embarrassment (his)

*Decide need vs want when it comes to redoing the house (what areas to focus on)

*And the usual--stick to a budget, pay down some debt, focus on packing lunches and not going out for dinner

Personal Resolutions

*Get organized the night before and get up earlier so that the mornings aren't so much of a rush (done this the past two mornings and it has been awesome. I have time to chase Brooklyn around and get ready and still have time to spare)  It definitely blows when the alarm goes off, but if I jump right out of bed and into some coffee I am good to go

*Take more photos (not just with my phone) and learn how to use my camera better --I have already signed up for a course on Jan 19th (yeah motivated wooooot wooooot)

* Write lists to keep organized (and to help G keep organized)

*Keep up with my scrapbooking  I am obsessed with project life  and have been doing it weekly since the wedding

*Make my shower quilt and attempt to get two quilts done for my girlfriend who is expecting twins in the late spring. She finds out gender next month so that will give me 5 months to make 2 quilts.  (definitely calling on my Mum to help me get that going!)

* Write more letters. I adore getting snail mail and used to send lots of I want to do that more

*Dress nicer at work. People will stop mistaking me for a student and take me seriously. (maybe?)  I love that I look like I am in my early 20s most days, but it can be a pain at work. This ties in to getting organized the night before--if I plan my outfit I am less likely to wear jeans and a random top

*Keep on keeping on and then blogging about it!

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