Friday, January 11, 2013

The January Cure: all the other days

I don't want to seem like this is just another resolution gone the wayside, but based on the state of my house, this Cure just isn't quite working for me.  I think things started going downhill when one of the challenges this past weekend was to buy flowers for my house. I LOVE that idea.  But then we went to Lowes because we needed Carbon Monoxide detectors and $100 + later, I thought, sorry flowers..I treated my house to the gift of safety instead of beauty.  Practicality wins out again. boo.  This approach is really going to work for some people but since our home needs a crazy blitz I need to work at a faster pace.  I am going to keep reading the emails cause there are some good ideas in there, but the next few weekends are dedicated to us getting our house crazy in order and some of the lingering reno work done. I dont have time to plan for a party to show off all our hard work, we just need to get to the hard work!

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