Monday, November 1, 2010

Cash money millionaire

I have never been all that good with money. Once upon a time I would view each paycheque as containing the precise amount of dollars that I could spend. I tried to save but I really just didn't have the discipline/desire for it. More than once my mum has come to my rescue bailing me out of debt to my eternal thanks and utter embarrassment.
Nowadays I am a better, but I always thought I would end up with someone who was good with a budget and could help me manage my money. No such luck. G is many things, but a money manager he is not. While he doesn't go for my not so effective avoidance technique (if I just avoid checking my bank balance all will be ok), he too sucks at saving and doesn't make the best money choices either.
As we move forward together as a couple I wonder the best way to work that? Perhaps this is the push I need to become better at handling finances because I simply must? However I don't want to be seen as the one who rules our bank account with an iron fist-maybe it is both of us who must work on this?
And I also wonder how other couples handle their finances? We want to have money that is just ours for presents and items we want to buy for ourselves, but we feel and want to have most of our money as joint money for groceries, gas, meals out etc. How do other people do this I would love to know?
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TinyByNature said...

Ha! This is a constant struggle for P and I.

We have a joint account for groceries in which we both contribute the same amount and use it as we need. Mortgage is paid by P along with utilities, cable & internet. I pay for my own mobile, transport (bus pass), any spending cash and massive debt repayment. Our car is courtesy of Toyota/Scion Canada, as is gas and insurance, as is his mobile.