Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Today is all about

I played hooky from work today, I have been feeling not-so-healthy this week.  I spent the day on the couch doing homework and taking it easy.  I also took a lot of breaks to do things like watch Food Network and read some of my fave foodie blogs--which I shall be adding to my sidebar shortly.  I think I am going to add cooking and baking to my happiness project for January.  I LOVE making food that G or other friends and family love.  I enjoy feeling prepared meal wise for the week, and it would be nice to step outside my comfort zone in the coming months and add more to my repertoire.
School is on a countdown--T-minus three weeks until school is done.  I have an insane amount of project assembly until that time, but I think it will just make me enjoy Christmas that much more. I know that I will really miss this stage in my life once it is over, but as of late I have just felt creatively exhausted.  It seems insane, but being in school and having to be "on" creativity wise can sometimes be too much.  All my classmates and I are frazzled and trying to tie up all the loose ends with our thesis projects while we figure out moving on.  I know I am lucky because my job shuts down for 2 weeks over the holidays and then starts up again on January 4th (maybe 3rd? I will have to check oops!)  My contract only goes until May, but I am very thankful that I don't have to panic about a job.  I hope to spend some time in January snazzing up my resume and reprinting my portfolio with my latest projects in them.  Its both freeing and terrifying to think that I don't know what I will be doing 6 months from now.  School was the only thing on the horizon for the past 2+ years, and that dictated what I was doing and where G and I were living.
We would both be really happy to move out of the city, but it all boils down to us being where the jobs are.  
But no matter where we are living I(we ;) ) get to start planning the wedding after Christmas (OMG *head explodes with happiness)

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