Wednesday, November 3, 2010



I was planning on posting every day in November, but yesterday flew by and day 3 I have already missed a day!
The Toronto Star has been running a series of articles about couples and money- I think that's what spurred my post on Monday! As of right now, G and I have a joint account that we just pay rent from, as well as joint savings. Everything else is separate. It doesn't come down to "you pay for this I will pay for that" at all, but I think once I am working full time in January I can hopefully figure out some sort of budget for us. We both have near insurmountable student loan debt that we hope to somehow combine and pay off in time, but we also want to get into housing market as well as have a wedding. Now realistically I am not even thinking of having anything over the top, but EVERYTHING costs money so even if we DIY like crazy it will still cost us some cash. I feel like I should be responsible and just get married at city hall and go for pizza afterwards, but I just can't bring myself to do that! I want the white dress and late night dance party with my friends and family.
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