Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Happiness Project


I just started reading The Happiness Project (which has a blog And I should probably mention that it is my new obsession. This happens to me somewhat frequently, I find something I love, obsess about it til I sound like a crazy person, and then I fall in love with something else...However, I just simply love LOVE this book, and just the concept as a whole. I supposed I didnt have to read the book to get the idea, )but I didn't buy it I borrowed it from a friend so it also counts towards my saving money plans so it is twofold awesome). And it is actually quite an obvious concept--the author spent a year making changes towards making herself and her life a happier one. She tackled a few items a month and recorded how the may or may not work towards making her life better. Granted I am only on February in her year so far, but it just really got me interested. I want to be happy!(happier) Perhaps I should also go for a happiness project, because, I do love a project, and what with school being over in just over a month (omfg) I may need a project to occupy what I think will seem to be countless hours of spare/free/not interior design studying related time!

I haven't nailed down all the details as of yet, one of which being I need to get a friend or two to do this with me as I tend to be better at things when I am being accountable to someone! And the other would be what specific things I will be working on to achieve said "happierness"
Grand scheme things I think I must focus on are: Finances, Relationships, Motivation/Attitude, and Health. Big project kick off shall be in January and by then I will have a list of what specifically each part shall entail, but for now as I have been a bit stressed out as of late I shall focus a bit on Attitude: Daily Grace every day should help!?

1. Walking through fallen leaves
2. My gorgeous new day planner
3. Having had a car for the past two weeks
4. Crossing things off to do lists (two today!!!)
5. Sense of Accomplishment at work and school!

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