Monday, October 19, 2009

That unsafe feeling in my tummy...

Was away all weekend with my Mum at awesome Scrapbook camp (pics at some point soonish to follow) I got back to the apartment on Sunday to spend a lovely day in the apartment with G. Upon our arrival, my neighbour informed us that 3 apartments in our building (and one on our floor) were robbed last week. I immediately felt sick. This is the first place I have lived, beyond being in my parents house where I have felt safe. Yes I have blogged about being a bit nervous here at night, but I all around felt pretty good about being here. We live in a pretty snazzy part of Toronto and a large part of the appeal of living here is that we are in a good safe area. I HATED to hear that. With G away a lot during the week I really am now a bit panicked about being here alone. True its not like a string of assaults in the building, but it makes me a bit nervous to think about coming home late from class and finding that someone has been amongst my things. Before I left for class this morning I hid my jewelry. And I am thinking of taking my nice stuff up to my Mums place for a while. I find it quite unsettling to not feel I can have my apartment the way I want it for fear of someone taking it. So not impressed right now.

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