Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Lazies


I'm not too sure what I have been afflicted with as of late, but I refer to it as 'the lazies' I guess it comes from my ridiculous class schedule at the moment..mondays class from 5-8 Tuesday from 10-7 Wednesday from 12-8 and Thursday from 10-3. I know it's not like I am working five 8 hour days, but it feels weird for me to just have the whole morning to myself (*mostly just talking about today at the moment). And instead of being an awesome motivated person and getting done the things I need to, I instead sleep in silly late and then get up to blog...not to do the dishes I didn't do last night, not to start some homework. Nope. I just started scanning photos and things like that. Very important work. It's frustrating cause I just can't seem to get it together. I had lofty aspirations of laundry and so on this week, but for some reason I just feel really slow moving. It's pathetic.

And am also feeling somewhat resentful, NOT a happy morning time feeling. With G working out of town all week, all the errands and jobs around the apartment seem to fall to me. And I love the man like crazy, but its things that need to be done THIS EXACT MINUTE AHHHHHH when he calls and I think....dear sweet man, why wouldnt you have mentioned this on the we could have either done it together or I could have allotted time in my day to do that. I have to go downtown and fight his speeding ticket, I have to go register for a permit for a deck he is building. All these things are fine to help with cause I love him, but it's all stuff that has been left to the crazy last minute so I have to rush. And now I sure seem like a total brat as I am talking about being lazy in one breath and then complaining about G in the other. Sigh. ***Other issue might be that I sleep like crap when he is away due to another issue I refer to as 'the crazies' and am just tired and a grouch...that sounds more like it!


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you're all alone all week-bummer! But on the upside you don't have someone changing the channels all the time...or maybe that's just my man.
How are you??? I'll have to read more of your blog to see!

Rebecca said...

i've had the lazies too, just started getting caught up with stuff this week.