Friday, October 30, 2009



The weather has been so dreary all week. I wake every morning to rain....or just dampness outside. It's the type of morning that I just want to roll over, spoon G and go back to sleep until spring. Why can't humans hibernate for the winter? Well there is that and the fact that G is away a lot at the moment. His job has a contract in Sudbury at the moment so during the week there is no chance for stolen moments of spoonage in the morning.

I took the day off school yesterday as I was feeling really nauseous and had a sore throat. I fear the H1N1. Talked to my doctor and was told to just drink lots of fluids and rest. Thankfully I feel better today (Started feeling better yesterday late afternoon) What I hate about that is that I just feel so restless. I have what could be defined as a pile of homework to do and yet I just can't really get going. It's 11:00 and I am still in grubby clothes. I did 2 loads of towels this morning and that's it. Not crucial to do today, but it's like I can't seem to manage to get done what I need to, but I will just procrastinate by doing unnecessary tasks.
AND its raining again...I wanted to walk to the supermarket. boo

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Rebecca said...

we had lots of rain too recently...i liked it at first but then it hope you get some sunshine soon :)