Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Feeing Five Years Old


G is up working in Sudbury during the week and usually I take it as a chance to revel in the things I don't do as often when he is here, read, journal, watch girlie TV....but last night was different. I tried to go to bed, but found myself scared of the dark...I had to get up and put the light on, and read til I passed out from utter exhaustion. In the morning, I laugh at myself, realizing that the tapping on the balcony windows was in fact rain, as I had tried to convince myself at 3am, that no one was hiding in my closet (which didn't stop me from checking twice) It's somewhat ridiculous that I am 29 years old and I can still have the late night paralysis boogie man fear that I had as a young girl. It gets me no where other than just looking like a zombie the next morning...and I have a long day of class today. It's so foolish, but I can't fight it! I think I need to stop watching CSI etc, until I have my roomie back again!

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Rebecca said...

ugh. i totally understand girl. i've woken up laughing at myself too.