Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yesterday my Aunt Pat emailed me this picture. She came across it while cleaning things up she said. It's my Dad and I at Thanksgiving 1992. (I was 12) Why am in pajamas you ask? Each family Thanksgiving all the ladies would wear matching pajamas. (this started before I was born, so I am not too sure why/how this became a tradition) The picture made me smile...and then get all tight chested. I have such a hard time with all the conflicting emotions. It's been 14 weeks now since he died. And while it is definitely becoming less of a raw wound, I still fight feelings of regret. what ifs. loss of what might have been. I am working hard to be in a space where I can look at these pictures and focus on being thankful for the time we had and come to terms with what was.


Rebecca said...

I'm so sorry hun. Processing through those emotions is a task and not usually fun. I hope you can find some peace & be in that place but don't rush yourself getting there.

Melissa said...

xoxoxo. So many x's and o's for you.
PS. I love the photo :)