Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekend Report--The baby shower edition

Gus Gus and I got crazy spoiled this weekend by all the ladies in my life.  Sunday was a beautiful day--the weather was just perfect and being surrounded by friends and family was just wonderful.  My day started off with coffee with G and Brooklyn...then on to my sister in law's who did my hair oh so pretty. She is amazing with hair and make up and while I have mastered a pony tail, sometimes you just wana look a bit snazzier....

My mother in law took honestly about 1,000 pictures which will take her a while to go through so in the meantime I am going to post some of the trusty iPhone photos that people have been sending me.  I will amend this to include a really cute one that is on Garret's phone that is taking him forever and ever to send to me. So...in the meantime, a glimpse of my sweet babe getting super duper spoiled by everyone.

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