Thursday, July 25, 2013


My friend Harrison and his parents gave us a really cool shower gift.  This baby monitor from Apple...we set it up last night and it is really cool.  We were playing with it last night and decided it set it up in the kitchen today so we can see what Brooklyn does while we are at work.[gallery type="square" ids="2025,2023,2024"]

It is no wonder why she is all pumped up and raring to go when we get home! She spends the day in her bed.  This is definitely a fun piece of technology that is going to be really neat to have to spy on the baby..oh wait I mean keep an eye on the baby.

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PigLove said...

OMP (Oh my pig!) That is so cool! But I'm hiding this post from mommy. She might get ideas about this little oinker during the day - snorts. But then again, mom would absolutely LOVE your kitchen tile. :) XOXO - Bacon